Experience & Works Skills

One of the main reasons Sipsys LTD came about was from the desire to continue learning and expanding our knowledge. In the constantly evolving marketing world this is paramount. This change is what excites us, no two years in the marketing world are the same, there are new ways of how we communicate both personally and through business emerging all of the time. We need to be ready to adapt to these new forms of communication and help our clients benefit from them.

At Sipsys we love content. Whether it’s developing websites, email communications, blogs or creating social media content, we get a kick out of writing and communicating with your customers or clients. We also love building communities and running events, helping you connect and retain your client-base. On the nerdy side we are a big fan of our analytics, tracking how you’re doing month on month, running a competitor analysis, analysing how your PPC ads are working for you, spotting any patterns and areas for you to be aware of. If there is a skill not listed below that you’re looking for help with, let us know as the likelihood is one of our freelancers will be able to help or we can develop our learning to be able to help you.

1. Content

Writing content comes fairly naturally to us. We love writing blogs, updating websites and sending email comms – even if they do make us sweat when it comes to hitting the big send button! Adding new content (such as blogs) to your website and keeping it up to date is vital for your SEO (search engine optimisation) and keeping you high up in the rankings. Keeping your current clients (and any new ones signing up to your email listings) is a sure fire way to gain repeat customers and spreading your good word. We recommend using Mail Chimp for your mailings but will happily work with other platforms if you have them in place.

2. Community

In todays age everyone is looking for the ‘extra’ that they can get from their relationship with any company. What can you offer them that your competitor can’t? If your product is one that relies on retaining clients we can help you build yourself a community – making your customers feel like they are part of something. There are a number of ways we can help with this. We can build partnerships with other businesses so you can offer your clients something in addition to the services you’re providing. We’ll brainstorm with you what viable options there are – i.e. sending birthday wishes to your clients, referral schemes, giveaways – whatever works for you, no two clients will have the same formula. We can also help you organise and run events.

3. Social Media

In todays society the general route people take on finding your website is to scroll through it and then if they’re interested but still want to find out a bit more about you they’ll follow the links to your social media. Even if you’re not expecting to use social media as part of your sales process you still need to have a social media presence, even if just for a validation purpose. People will check out your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. to get a further feel for you as a company, do they like what they see? If so they’re likely to go back to your website and complete further steps to complete a sale. If they don’t like what they see on social media, they’re far more likely to divert to an alternative site. Sipsys can manage your social media channels for you, helping curate engaging content to build a profile that current and potential customers can enjoy following.

4. Events

At Sipsys LTD we have always been drawn to events. Being social butterflies we find ourselves organising the event calendars of our peers so it was a natural transition for this to become part of our work life. Events are a fantastic way for your to get the face time needed cement those relationships with your clients and also to make them feel that you value them as a client. If you have an event you’d be interested in organising get in touch now and see how we can help you.

5. Advertising

Advertising doesn’t necessarily have to be part of your marketing mix, although it’s highly recommended; you don’t have to spend a huge amount to see a return on your investment either. With Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns you can tailor your ads to go to your target market, you also have total management on how much you’re spending and you can instantly see the results. Google AdWords and Facebook Advertising are the most successful campaigns we’ve seen with our clients and the ones we would recommend, however if there are other channels you’d like to explore we can certainly look at them with you.